Rainforest Art / Wildlife Art


Vitti Art completed 22 whole-interior Rainforest Art murals throughout the US. That was just for one large franchise.  Mabel Vittini has become world renowned for her capacity to create images of wildlife and foliage that capture the essence of nature.

Particularly, her most popular wildlife animals are gorilla’s, birds (especially Macaws), jaguars, leopards, monkey’s, frogs and even sloths!

When you step into a room or whole building with one of Vittini’s Wildlife murals, you feel completely immersed and your mind escapes into the jungle’s of Africa or the Rainforest’s of Brazil!

Scaffolding set; Mabel and occasionally her team, would hand-paint all interior walls, ceilings and even floors to create the desired theme for the client. There is a full portfolio available for viewing; please contact us directly.

You can preview some of the mural scenes of Tropical Rainforest Art here. These murals were custom designed by our Artist/Owner, Mabel Vittini.

Vittini is a passionate advocate for the preservation of the Rainforest’s and the Ecosystem that it maintains.

Click on any of the pictures below to open a slideshow.   Images will be seen in their entirety, and images will be larger.