Faux Finishing, Wood Grain Faux (Faux Bois), Faux Marbleizing

Decorative Finishes that take on the appearance of Stone, Marble or Wood.


“Faux painting became popular in classical times in the forms of faux marble, faux wood, and trompe l’oeil murals. Artists would apprentice for 10 years or more with a master faux painter before working on their own. Great recognition was awarded to artists who could actually trick viewers into believing their work was the real thing” (Quoted from Wikipedia). Faux finishing also encompasses making any surface appear like suede or leather.  A gifted artisan can match any color, so the possibilities are truly endless!  Are you excited yet?

Our Faux-Finishers are artisans in the world of Decorative Finishes. Faux Finishes can be subtle or they can be complex; and usually involve hand-tinted color mastering skills.  For instance, we create complex colors using Artist paints and work with multiple layers of glazing.  As a result, we are able to deliver unique finishes that only an experienced Artist can create and envision.  We do not limit the colors offered to our customers with what you can buy in a paint store.  The exquisiteness of creating hand-tinted colors to match our clients’ needs is a true joy.  It could be creation of a faux finish to blend with a clients’ home decor, or the creation of a dramatic effect in a painting or mural.  In either case, it is bliss in everyone’s eyes.


Specializing in Custom Wall Finishes and Decorative Painting

Another aspect of Faux Finishing is that it can be smooth or textured.  On a regular basis, we create many custom texture’s with the use of such items as plaster, tissue paper, small twigs and many more items or tools.   As a leader in this industry, we are always learning new techniques and creating new ideas to coincide with our clients’ visions. [spacer height=”20px”]

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