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“I am an Artist because I enjoy creating”  Mabel Vittini

Mabel Vittini, Artist Bio


Mabel Vittini is a renowned decorative artist and the owner of Vitti Art Decor & Painting based in Palm Beach County, Florida.  She has performed exceptional artistic services for many professional athletes, CEO’s, Politicians, Actors and Musicians.  Due to her reputation in this industry, Vittini has had many creative opportunities throughout the United States and remains one of the most notable Artists in Florida.

Vittini was born in Detroit, Michigan and began drawing at the age of 6.  She created her first painting at the age of 13. Vittini spent her years between the ages of 4 and 9, living in Argentina where her parents grew up.  When the family moved back to the United States, it was to Boca Raton, FL.  Her immediate family all still reside in South Florida.

Vittini is a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Advertising Design.  After completing Art school, she worked as an artist at several small art studios in South Florida.  Consequently, this experience gave her the skillset to work quickly and be diverse in creating abstract/realism paintings on canvas and wall murals. 

Her career took a dramatic turn with the commissioning to re-create a large wall and ceiling mural at PGA National Resort & Spa of West Palm Beach. They wanted a reproduction of Michelangelo’s Sistene Chapel, and they asked her to conduct the work while their patrons dined below her.   Painting large became her passion and a new branch of the journey began for her.  Vittini started her own corporation in 1996 and has been working hard ever since.  She has had a multitude of unique opportunities and charitable involvements’ that have gained her extraordinary experience.

With her new Corporation, Mabel Vittini, Inc., she began painting enormous wall murals, custom decorative finishes and faux finishes for private clients, interior designer’s and builder’s in both homes and businesses.  She also began creating canvas paintings which express her interests in the well being of animals and the environment. Vittini has a keen eye for perspective and color which gives her the ability to capture the soul of both people and animals, through their eyes.  Subsequently, this strength led to her notoriety for painting Tropical Rainforest and Wildlife Mural’s, Oceanic Scenes, Portraits and Wildlife.  Her portfolio and Client list, both private and commercial, is exemplary.

Over the years, Vittini has become one of the finest Artists for Trompe L’oeil (3d) imagery, Custom Decorative Art, Fine Art and Mural Art.  She also enjoys being commissioned for events to perform “live” painting, as well as painting both human and pet portraits in either Acrylic or Oil.  Vittini is consistently growing as an artist and is continually setting new goals. With her at the helm, her company can offer creative and functional ideas coupled with exceptional customer service. Her Corporation has been re-branded as Vitti Art Decor & Painting as she has become an accomplished visionary Artist in the Home Decor arena.  In 2018, her identical twin Liliana who has done many projects with her over the last 20 years, decided to join Vittini full time.  Liliana brings not only fine artistry, but is a top-tier graphic designer who with her talents opens up the landscape for Vittini’s business scope.

Her diverse background in acrylic and oils is demonstrated in her Fine Art portfolio which is available upon request and by clicking here.  Vittini soars to new creative depths at all times and will continue to inspire herself and others with her art.  You can also keep your eye out for her at local Venues.

Vittini is dedicated to providing her clients with the highest standard and style.  Furthermore, her dedication to providing her clients with the most personalized and trustworthy service in the industry while keeping them informed each step of the project is unique.  Her services include being hands-on through design consultation, drawings and installation.  VittiArt Decor & Painting relies on client satisfaction and their referrals, creating an altruistic concept for all.

You can view her Artist website by clicking here.

“Live” Painting Performance’s:

  • PGA National Resort & Spa Concert Series:  Custom paintings on canvas created during the Concert series and signed by the following headliner’s: Spyro Gyra, Ed Calle & Roberto Perrera.
  • Broward 100 year Celebration
  • Chillounge Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk – Official entertainment list here
  • Stoneman Douglas High School Memorial / Charitable Event

Media Coverage:

WPBF News-Video, Palm Beach Post, South Florida Business Journal/Broward Edition, Sun Sentinel.

Interview at the Wilton Manor’s Art Walk in 2017.  Watch video by clicking here

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