There is a solution for fixing, improving and getting your Home Decor to blend beautifully…it is an Artist.


I am drawn to write and share some tricks of the trade.  These are some hidden and underlying things that are going on out there that I find many people do not realize is possible…or even a thing to optimize home decor!  Below I am going to point out some of the little extra’s that Vitti Art Decor & Painting gets called to do, or suggests to our customer’s.


Blending in the details of your Home Decor


A fair amount of people, whether it is for their business, home or boat (or any other possible surface!) are looking to take the contrast of fixtures and receptacles out of the home decor equation.  I am referring to those bright white recessed light frames (ie: high hats), air conditioning vents, electrical switches and outlet covers. Sometimes it is even a chandelier that stands out like a sore thumb. Now of course, if your ceiling is white, the recessed lights and AC vents are not going to stand out.  However, If you have some color or a faux finish, then those frames are going to stand out harshly.

high hats painted to blend with ceiling color

High hats (recessed lighting) painted to blend with ceiling color

faux receptacle outlet switches to blend with backsplash

Matching the color of existing granite backsplash and painting the electrical outlets to disappear.

faux receptacle outlet switches to blend with backsplash.

Matching the color of existing granite backsplash and painting the electrical outlets to disappear.

Chandelier faux to blend into room color

Faux chandelier in a metallic paint with a color that will blend into the existing room color.


Improving the Fine accents and details of your Home Decor


Another reason you want to hold your reliable and talented Artist close, is when you want to enhance certain fine elements you may already have installed.  Let’s say you have a marble floor; well an upgrade to the beauty and continuation of this element would be to faux-marble all the baseboards and/or staircase that abut to it.  This continuation completes the room nicely.

faux marble painting of baseboard to match existing marble counter top.

Faux Marbling of baseboard to match existing marble counter top.


There is rejuvenated life after damage to your Home


Have you ever been in the predicament of water damage, blunt force damage to walls or even just the random touch-up from knicks and scratches?  We are called into many a home that has had some type of damage and required massive replacement or repairs to painted surfaces.  Consequently, after the repair, the client needs us to re-match the existing color paint and re-create the faux or faux-woodgrain to match.  If you are lucky and only have touch-ups throughout, rest assured that we can make those areas disappear like they never happened.

Matching paint to recreate faux

Artist matching the color of existing faux. After water damage, we were called in to match existing faux to repaired walls.



 In Conclusion


I hope this information was interesting and shined some light onto some of the different types of projects that we do.  When you work with such skilled and experienced Artists such as Mabel, you realize that with paint and the ability to match colors by eye and perform outstanding faux finishes; anything that comes up is possible!


Michelle Miller, CGC
Operations Manager / Project Coordinator
Vitti Art Decor & Painting
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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – Will A. Foster