Children’s Murals & Themed Rooms

If you want to give your child a unique and exciting experience that will impact their life greatly; have our team create their own imaginative universe!  Click here to see pictures of some of my children’s murals.

It can be a wall that has cartoon characters, action figures, a favorite sports or movie star.   Maybe a complete themed area based on your (and your child’s) imagination is more of what you want your child to experience.  Is there something that inspires them and get’s them happy and excited?  Whatever it may be, it can be reflected on bedroom or playroom walls and it will make them smile and feel their hearts fill up.

Delight your son or daughter with a custom mural on the wall of a bedroom or play room.  The only limit on colors or effects for your walls is your imagination.

We create Magical Spaces for Kid’s rooms, Baby Nurseries and Children’s Hospitals.

Children are the best customers because they are so fascinated by the whole process of the hand painting of these scenes that come to life. Their eyes get huge and they can’t help but throw their arms around when they see the mural for the first time!  

Painting wall murals for kids is one of the most rewarding parts of the profession. There is no end to the possibilities for inspiring kids to dream large and stay full of wonder.  They always have tons of questions and we like to inspire imaginations.


Let’s Create Something Great Together!

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child mural rabbits playing and jumping amongst flowers and green pastures with trees
Youthful Fairy with wings on large fantastical mushroom
shark in water hand painted
Child themed hand painted mural with butterfly on flower