Mural Art – Trompe L’oeil

Murals and Trompe L’oeil are done in many artistic techniques ranging from impressionistic to realistic. Trompe L’oeil work can produce effects that are astounding; with imagery so realistic it will change the whole atmosphere and perceived size of a room.

Vitti Art Decor has experience with all genres of Murals and Fine Art.  Some categories to ignite your imagination are Trompe L’oeil, Landscape & Nature, Beach & Ocean, Grafitti and Figurative & Abstract.

See Commercial Murals and Trompe L’oeil  by Vitti Art Decor here!

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Commission Process


Below is a description of what clients can expect when commissioning VittiArt Decor & Painting. The process is the same no matter what size the mural, trompe l’oeil, or painting. 

For jobs within 30 miles of Wellington FL; we will schedule an appointment to view the home, office or job site. The owner/Artist, Mabel Vittini, will meet the client and go through the desired project.  At this time, she will go over color palette’s and offer suggestions to help create or maintain a continuity throughout the space, if it is necessary. 

In order to get the most accurate estimate of the project, we need the following information:  

  • What size is the wall?  How much of the wall do you see being covered by the mural, trompe l’oeil or painting?
  • Will the wall require scaffolding to reach?
  • Is this an exterior or interior wall?
  • Is the wall concrete, drywall or stucco?
  • Will the surface be in need of repairs and/or primer?
  • Where is the wall located?

Please email photos of the wall, or your architectural renderings (if under construction).  E-mailing photos before our first phone call, is always helpful.

For a free project proposal for your mural, please email to begin the process.  If the inquiry is out-of-state or locale, please include the information from above and any creative ideas for the custom commission.  A contact form is available here.

Signed Proposal & Design Deposit  

The client will receive a written proposal from us. At the time when the project is decided upon, we will move forward in the design process.  Once our office receives a signed proposal and 50% deposit, our next phase will begin. We will not begin work on the design until the signed proposal and deposit are received. 

Design Process 

Our Artist will listen closely to the client on the creative direction of the project.  If project warrants renderings, we provide 2 rough sketches to make sure that the ideas have been clearly communicated.  It will depend on the style of your mural as to whether the sketch will be a digital rendering or pen/pencil sketch.  As a result, the client will provide the Artist with their feedback.  If necessary, a completely revised design can be sketched.  Regardless, the collaborated design we agree to is our street map; not a visually set version of final representation.  

What has to be kept in mind is that when the Artist is creating the mural, a more intuitive creative process begins internally.  The interaction with the client and those that use the space the Artist is working in will play a huge role in the creation.  There may be changes in color, composition as well as scale depending on the space.  It will be a collaboration, but the Artist must have the freedom to get lost in the creating process in order to get through the many layers that are involved in painting a mural.

Deposit & Painting 

If the project is large and over a longer duration of time, another milestone deposit of 1/3 will be scheduled mid-way through.  

The Artist typically paint’s around 6 hours each day.  Most of our projects will begin around 9am.  If the project is outdoor’s, our Staff may schedule with you to start as early as 7am or as late as noon, depending on sun exposure of the surface.

The client is welcome to watch the process.  

The Artist will provide our client with updates and photos if they are not near the project site. If it is within easy distance of the client, we will ask them to come by at critical times within the project to approve and continue process. We like to touch base regularly or at critical junctures to make sure that expectations are being met.  

Our Artist’s are focused on making you happy and will work until the client and themselves are satisfied with the results.  There is a point that the Artist will see that the goal has been reached as to what was to be expressed in the creation.  The Artist will communicate that they are close to being finished and will review the mural together with the client.  Anything that does not feel quite right will be adjusted accordingly.

At the time of final walk-through, the project is complete.  

Final Payment 

Final payment is due upon completion of the commission.

Pricing of murals is dependent on several factors.  Generally, the following list is what we consider when proposing work:

  • Location
  • Equipment
  • Size of mural
  • Complexity of Design
  • Travel Fee if applicable

Each mural project is unique, and we will be happy to discuss this with the client.