Faux Wood Grain and Faux Marble refinishing Furniture by Vitti Art Decor and Painting


Furniture Refinishing / Updating Cabinetry


Furniture and cabinetry will inevitably get scratched, worn or be in need of updating.  We love it when we get calls from customer’s that want to enhance their existing furniture instead of just getting rid of it for something new.  It is always exciting to see the results.  Vitti Art Decor has years of experience in both residential and commercial clientele.

We offer:


  • Kitchen cabinet painting/glazing

  • Onsite touch up and updating of furniture, paneling, railings and crown molding.

  • Faux wood grain or marble (click here for more information on Faux Finishing)

  • Add decorative elements (ie: scrolling, leaves, custom art)

Click on any of the pictures below to open a slideshow where you can see entire images and images will be larger: