Stunning Pet Portrait’s by Vittini

Mabel Vittini has been painting pet portrait’s since she was in High School and has become a renowned Rainforest and Wildlife Artist throughout the United States.  Subsequently, her ability to create highly detailed Pet Portrait’s is a gift that she is grateful to be able to share.  Her Clients always comment on how Vittini is able to capture the soul of their pet in her paintings.

Her pet portrait’s are available in Acrylic or Oil Paint.  Acrylic Paintings start from $550.00 for a one pet 16 x 20 on canvas.  Oil Paintings start at $1,200 for a one pet 16 x 20 on canvas.

How it works:

  • Submit clear photo’s of your pet(s)
  • 50% Deposit submitted to Artist
  • You will receive an email from us confirming your order and you can expect shipment within 4 weeks for a one-pet acrylic and 8 weeks for a one-pet oil portrait (in the United States).
  • Discussion with Artist in which photo should be Primary source of the Painting, and which to be supplemental.
  • Choose the size Canvas Painting you desire
  • Specify whether you want an Acrylic or Oil Painting.
  • Painting will be presented to you in different progress stages.
  • At completion, you will approve final digital image of painting and send final payment which includes shipping (if applicable).



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A Photograph of a dog sits next to a freshly painted portrait.
Freshly painted pet portrait of dog by Artist Mabel Vittini.
Original Photo next to hand painted canvas pet portrait.